Farm to Table Dinners



Family style seating for our “Farm to Table Dinners.”

Farm to Table Dinners July 1-Sept 16, 2018 ,  Sunday September 16, our last Farm to Table dinner.  Limited Seating.   [email protected]  or 360-376-3208 to reserve a space,  or see us at the Saturday Market!  Seating Limited!  6 PM.  Directions to 216 Payton Lane on Contact Page.

Christina would be glad to serve a Farm to Table Dinner to your family or business.

[email protected]  for reservations/information


See Red Rabbit Farm online in Fodors Magazine “worlds most unique dining experiences  at:!-intro


Red Rabbit Farm Dinners
What is the special sauce of the famed group dinners at the Red Rabbit Farm that make
it supremely Orcas?
Yes, Christina’s familiar and new famous food creations fill with pleasure and fresh
local ingredients abound
And Bruce’s twinkly gruff maitre’d playfulness structures and herds we “cats”newbies
and veterans alike
The genius move is 60 hungry souls sitting across the table from partners so we share
the great meal with strangers at each side
And each entree is introduced alone passed down the giant table, platter held by the
stranger next,who invites you to select your portion
Strangers no more, even the shy among us acknowledge the gesture the intimacy of
providing food and we get to know each other.
That starts the mutual stories: first time? special event?visiting from? where do
you live on island?how did you find Orcas?
Orcas, the faraway gem we have all discovered draw very interesting characters the
stories are compelling…we have a great time, and often start new friendships.
Bruce Hanna Sept. 11, 2017


Thank you for supporting agriculture and especially small farms in the San Juans! Look for information/recipes .

Throughout the season we offer a series of Farm to Table dinners.  The dinners are robust affairs, but limited to forty-fifty people.  We set the long table in the meadow or in the barn.  We fill bowls and platters with the best our farmers can provide that Day.  Our island raised beef and lamb become the focal point of dishes like Syrah Braised Short Ribs  and baby garlic or Wood Oven Roasted Lamb Leg, with a multi herbed Jus and little new, very new potatoes, pulled from the ground hours before.  Shellfish gathered from the shore on the same day they are served are a revelation.  Desserts become a showcase for all the local berries and orchard fruits for which the islands are famous. Tarts, crumbles, cobblers, betties, buckles and grunts, shortcakes, longcakes, sponge cakes, angel food all become the foundation for a never ending card of farm made  creams,  iced, clotted and whipped.  Naturally the garden produce is used in a variety of ways, focusing on the textures and flavors unique to foods taken from the garden only hours before.  We use mostly local food, but have made an exception for the things we can’t give up: lemons, chocolate, olive oil, and yes, some cheeses. We do feature local and Washington grown farm cheeses, but, on occasion use epoisses,  cabrales, and  truffled pecorino.

Summer in the Cookhouse

at Red Rabbit Farm: Farm to Table Dinners 6pm  Sunday Nights throughout the summer!   Until September 16.

  See us at the Saturday Market May 5th on!  

write: [email protected]

Dinners are $ 75.00, inclusive! limited seating!


  At Red Rabbit Farm we make small
batch preserves, using fruits and vegetables from local farmers. We use
Northwest grown ground grains and pure cane sugar. Sea Salt from Italy
Spicesfrom around the world, herbs and greens from our own back yard.


Through the years, Red Rabbit Farm
has provided a charming West Sound locale for countless weddings, reunions,
dinners and other events. From the tented sit down receptions for hundreds, to
intimate dinners for ten, the Farm provides the food, backdrop and service that
make celebrations special and memorable. Our cookhouse boasts a Commercial  Kitchen,    Bride’s Changing Quarters, seating for up to 85, complete restroom facilities
and a water view!